TITLE: Curriculum Recommendations: Teaching Deaf Interpreters

PRESENTERS: Liisa Halkosaari, Christian Rathmann, Simone Scholl

The Curriculum recommendations for Deaf interpreters have been developed as a European co-operation during 2016–2018. The countries and schools where education has been organized have brought their experiences and insights together, to create a common understanding of what is relevant in educating Deaf interpreters.


The purpose of the curriculum recommendations is to act as a stimulant and a source of information for schools planning or starting to educate Deaf interpreters. We hope that also those who are already engaged in educating Deaf interpreters find new ideas from this curriculum when updating their education.


This is a BA degree which in our opinion is the minimum requirement for the educational level of interpreters. The interpreter’s profession is an expert profession and thus the level of education, as well as the levels of teaching and learning, should be high.


The education of Deaf interpreters is organized both in connection with the education of hearing interpreters and as separate entities. We will give examples of each applied in practise based on the experiences in our universities.

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