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October 1, 2016

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January 1, 2017


On October 31st 2016, the first multiplier event in the Erasmus+ supported project: Developing Deaf Interpreting took place. The seminar was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it was organized and hosted by The Danish Deaf Association.

2 persons participated in the seminar (+ 4 Sign Language Interpreters who interpreted between spoken English and International Signs). The 72 participants also included the partners’ representatives themselves. There were 55 external participants (40 foreign and 15 Danish).


Participants included deaf sign language interpreters, hearing sign language interpreters, interpreter educators, representatives from Deaf Associations and from interpreting and translation companies from all over Europe. Altogether 16 European countries were present at the seminar. Besides, the seminar was live streamed on the internet, and 245 followed the program during the morning and 195 during the afternoon.

The purpose of the seminar was to disseminate information primarily of the European Survey of Deaf Interpreters (output 1), and it was originally planned that the report would be launched at the seminar. However, plans were changed, and it was decided to use the opportunity of having people working within this field from all over Europe present, and instead a draft report was presented. The seminar was used to get feedback from the participants and - in some cases - corrections / additional information, which would be included in the final publication.


Furthermore, the seminar should give participants general information about the project, as well as and introduction to the studies undertaken as part of the project.


The program for the seminar was discussed at the partner meeting in April 2016, and it was decided to host a small social event the evening before the seminar to facilitate networking among the participants.


The program included the following presentations:

  • Information about the project “Developing Deaf Interpreting”.

  • Presentation of the results from the survey of the situation of Deaf Interpreters in Europe.

  • Translation from Written Texts into Signed Texts. Hamburg University.

  • TV Interpreting in Portugal: A Deaf (back)stage?

  • Deaf Norm in Translation. HUMAK. Finland.




The main presentation was the presentation of the results of the survey. It gave rise to a good and lively debate, where a number of participants contributed with information, observations, and points of view. Discussion was not limited to the report, in fact many participants used the opportunity to comment on various aspects of the profession. Among the valuable comments to the report was the point made that legal recognition (of deaf interpreting) in a country does not always mean that the profession is financially supported. It was also suggested that it would be interesting to find out, which specific legislation (accessibility laws, (sign) language laws, or even the UNCPD) that enhances recognition of DI.


Another topic that was brought up was certification of DI’s. Information about various countries was given by participants – in some countries deaf (and hearing) Interpreters were always given a time limited certificate that had to be renewed at certain intervals.


Salaries of DI’s and the difficulties in getting funding for DI were also issues that several participants touched upon, as was the differences in definition of deaf interpreters from country to country, and the cooperation with hearing interpreters.


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