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January 1, 2017

October 1, 2016

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January 1, 2017

Partners in the project: HUMAK, Hamburg University, IPC, EFSLI and DDA had their third transnational partner meeting in Copenhagen, right after the seminar.


Apart from evaluating the seminar, partners also started planning the second multiplier event in Hamburg in 2018. It was suggested that the seminar should take place in May 2018 and if possible be a 2 day event. It was also suggested that the seminar could have plenary sessions as well as several simultaneous workshops. One workshop could specifically be targeting the representatives from the deaf associations and addressing the topic of advocacy work for deaf interpreting.


Most of the meeting however, was spent presenting and discussing six of the nine studies in output 2, that partners had started to undertake. Three of the studies had been presented at the seminar the day before and time was therefore dedicated to discussion and feedback concerning those studies. Other studies that were presented were: Deaf Norm in Interpreting, by HUMAK, Team interpreting, by Hamburg University and Ethics and challenges of the deaf interpreter, by DDA.


Another segment of the meeting was designated to discussing project work and cooperation. Partners had group work and discussed the potential risks that they each saw in the project and how those risks could be solved. The purpose of the session was to provide the basis for a Risk Management Plan.


Next meeting will take place in Coimbra, Portugal in May 2017.



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