TITLE: Deaf Interpreters on TV: A Fact or a Mirage

PRESENTERS: Amílcar Furtado and Isabel Correia

One of the goals of our studies was to understand the importance of having deaf interpreters on TV since they are not only language stakeholders but also, and mainly, role models for deaf audience.


In Portugal, as we’ve seen in interviews with certified and non-certified DIs, interpreting is still an issue hard to discuss. The deaf community is still reluctant to accept deaf interpreters on TV, or even just to accept deaf interpreters. However, Portuguese DIs want to try to be on TV settings and the media are not that averse to consider that possibility, as we’ve also seen when we interviewed one of the Portuguese media stakeholders.

The aim of our workshops is for us to understand how do other countries deal with this situation and, together, we can make some proposal to present at the Portuguese deaf Federation in order to support DIs employment on TV contexts.

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