TITLE: Interpreting Using International Sign System (ISS): a Linguistic Melting Pot

PRESENTERS: Amílcar Furtado and Isabel Correia

Our study on IS Interpreting was based on two types of texts with two distinct main goals:

  1. An excerpt from a children’s signed story book, a quite unrealistic context, in order to see what the linguistic and paralinguistic resources are when using International Sign System: mimics, space (deaf space?), language interference among others. We also want to understand if the message is clear (or clearer than the original?) and if this type of analyses can be used in interpreter’s training programs to enrich their learning not only of IS but also of interpreting techniques that can be applied in several contexts.

  1. The second text was a signed TV report and we wanted to understand how the Interpreters dealt with language interference, metaphors, technical vocabulary and other issues such as the size of the (feed)interpreter’s window.

During our workshop we intend to analyse the source and final texts and also see if the same phenomena occur in other countries while using a National Sign Language and ISS and also to see if this study can be a useful material to use in Interpreter’s training programs and how to use it (DIs/His)

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