TITLE: Curriculum Guide and Assessment: Sweet & Sour

PRESENTERS:   Outi Mäkelä, Liisa Halkosaari

Assessment is a critical part of the learning process.  As a lead-in to the workshop we will present some of the common interpreting assessment methods and give a short introduction to the final examination of DI’s in Finland. Both learning process and the level of competence should be assessed. For the learning process it is important for students to know the level (numerical assessment) and the quality (constructive feedback) of their skills.

During the workshop participants will discuss and work with assessment:

How should Deaf interpreter students demonstrate their interpreting competence?

What is relevant in assessment of competence? What must and can be assessed? How?

The discussions of the workshop will be used when editing the Curriculum Guide.

Reference: Leeson, L., Alberdi, L.C. & Bown, S. 2013. Assessment Guidelines for Sign Language Interpreting Training Programme. European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters.

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